An integrated cybersecurity package for maritime sector

DSLAB COMPANY’s product is the first integrated cybersecurity package for Autonomous and Smartship. We provide cybersecurity products that support safe navigation from safe security design.


Threat Manager

Cyber security threat modeling software

CTS-TM supports automated processes to detect cyber threats. When creating new ships, cyber threats must be identified in advance in the blueprint to reduce processes and budgets. Identifying cyber threats to ships on the sea requires complex procedures and experts. The software is installed on land and is easily operated by design personnel and inspection personnel. Support IMO and NIST cyber security framework Best Practice.


Risk Manager

Vessel Integrated Cybersecurity
Risk Management Solution

CTS-RM allows you to effectively manage security operations (threats and vulnerabilities) and incident response functions (events and incidents) and IMO, NIST, BIMCO cyber security compliance within a centralized cybersecurity management software.


Threat intelligence

Threat Intelligence That Drives Better Risk Decisions

CTS-TI With comprehensive threat data collection, practical SaaS applications and intel analyst expertise, SurfWatch solutions can help you quickly establish or extend your cyber threat intelligence operation. Prevent threats by identifying supply chain cyberthreats on ships.